Missed Embrace  آغوش از دست رفته


Many years after the loss of her parents during childhood, Faezeh turns to the camera to revisit and rediscover her past. 

For the first time, in fuzzy home videos, she notices the presence of a strange man in her family. 

Seeing herself as a child, embracing the man’s open arms instead of her own father’s, she faces the mystery of the man and her family. 

Who is the mysterious figure who’s mostly behind the camera? How did he became a member of the family? 

Why does no one in the family want to talk about those dynamics now? And where is he now? 

These questions initiate her quest for answers, putting her in a position to face the story of her family. The tip of the iceberg. 

A story kept quiet for 20 years unfolds in front of her camera this time. 

An unexpected story of a middle class family in the backdrops of Iran before and after the islamic revolution 





Director                          Faezeh Nikoozad 


Cinematography            Stephan Rosche 


Editor                               Narges Kalhor 

                                          Faezeh Nikoozad 


Sound-Mix                       Simon Bastian 

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